Garden house assemly

Easy assembly

All SKAN HOLZ products are with top quality and easy to assemble.

With every house we give you very thorough user manual.

Biggest work during erection of the house is assembling walls but this is made easy as well because all wall boards are already cut into correct length and processed - invisible wind bracing holes predrilled, wall boards with tongue and groove and with corner tenons.

Foundation / base

Before assembly, we recommend laying a strong, level foundation.

You will get best result assembling your house on a slab foundation. For smaller garden houses really good option is also pier foundation or just lay down blocks (Fibo or Columbia blocks).

SKAN HOLZ garden house assembly guide


Install floor beams and fix them to foundation. You can place insulation between floor beams.

Assemble walls according user manual.

After installing first round measure diagonals and check that they are same measure ! Be sure after placing each layer of wall boarding that everything is fixed correctly.


Once the house is about half finished, install the windows and doors in relevant places.

Align them, given them a tap- finished. There is no need to screw window and door into wall but if you still screw them then please do it only from the bottom of window or door!


Assemble and tighten steel bars for wind bracing.

Then assemble roof purlins according to assembly guide and screw on roof boards. For roof cover in delivery set we have roofing felt but we also recommend to install second layer (e.g. bitumen schingles) on the felt.

Finally install gable slats and boards and floor boarding .


With just a few taps, a little skill and time, and you've assembled a practical and attarctive garden structure for your garden !

Now only last thing to do is to protect your garden house from the weather with your chosen coat of varnish.

We wish you years of of enjoyment with your SKAN HOLZ log cabin!

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